Re-Style Your Look

Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: I'm embarrassed for someone to see my closet, it's a disaster; do I need to clean it out before a session?

Q: How is this different from a personal shopper?

Q: Should I wait until I've lost those extra 10 pounds before I schedule an appointment?

Q: I'm concerned it would take 4 hours to go through all of my clothes. What type of results can I expect if I only could do one-hour session?

Q: How is this different from 'What Not To Wear' or a closet organizer?

Q: How will I remember what's she's put together for me?

Q: I hate to pack; and when I do I always bring too many clothes, can she help with this?

Q: How long does take/how much does this cost?

A:Everyone's closet is a mess; all you need to do it pull out one outfit you like/makes you feel great and identify a piece you'd like to wear more often. Braeda does the rest.

A: Braeda may suggest adding a piece or accessory but the shopping goes on in your own closet by creating new ensembles. A personal shopper is focused on shopping for new items at stores.

A:What distinguishes Braeda is not only her elegant taste and experience in design but her unique ability to make any women, at any size or shape, understand how to highlight her best features.

A:RSYL is about shopping in your closet, not going through each piece of clothing. Braeda's 25 years as a fashion designer gives her a quick and discerning eye to identify the best pieces to complement your figure and style.

A: Braeda shops from your existing wardrobe to put together a total look that gets a real WOW reaction. She does not go through every piece of clothing or organize your closet. (She does have a separate service where she will go through and edit your wardrobe if you wish).

A: You will receive a customized personal portfolio with pictures of all your new outfits. Also included in a list of items to be altered and pieces (such as accessories) to acquire.

A: Yes! Braeda will put together a trip wardrobe to ensure you look your best, minimize the amount of clothes you need to carry making packing a breeze.

A:Most clients book 1 ½-2 hour sessions usually resulting in 4-5 new outfits. The charge is based on an hourly rate. For the cost of 1-2 new items you get 4-5 outfits. Clients can also request a fix price session.